Sunday, June 17, 2007

Hello Fadder

Happy Father's Day! I don't know what everyone else is doing today, but I have some busy hours ahead. First up, there's a graduation party that I'm going to around noon. I love graduation parties, especially if there are sandwiches on cocktail buns. And graduation cake is amazing. Since the graduate is a co-worker, I imagine that the event will be catered by our place of work, which is fine by me. We have some gooooood cakes. After the party, my dad will be heading to Iowa City for a meal at the Hamburg Inn and a round of frisbee golf.

There are probably like 3 people reading this that have met my dad (Mel to anyone that meets him), so let me describe him for the rest of you. He's where I get my red hair, but not where I get my lack of mustache-growing ability. He's had a mustache for most of the time I've been around, there have been two times that he's shaved it, and it just doesn't look the same. I get my love for the Hawkeyes from him, also my love of baseball. He went to the University of Iowa to become a pharmacist, once had his own pharmacy, and now works in my hometown of Muscatine, IA, at the Hy-Vee, as a pharmacist. He'll come play home run derby with me and my friends, and every one loves having him there. He's a good pitcher, and can crank out dingers left- and right-handed. Nearly every Thursday, he'll come up to Iowa City to meet up with this dancing group in town, and usually when he's here, he'll take my brother and me out for some dinner. That's always awesome. He's married to a great lady, Jennifer, and has a great dog named Skipper. (I don't remember what kind of dog he is, he's little, with white curly hair, and is one of the most well-behaved dogs I've ever seen.) Some of my best memories from my childhood days are playing football with him in our front yard, me against my brother, with Dad being the all-time quarterback. Good times!

All-in-all, he's pretty great. So thanks, Dad, for everything! I wish I had a better picture on my computer, but this is definitely worth a Beeyah!


Jad said...

Happy Father's Day, Mel. :D

lucy said...

That's such a sweet post! I'm super happy for your good relationship. He sounds like a great dad.

Happy Fadder's Day!

H said...

Happy Father's Day, Mel! Mel is awesome! However, my dad is cooler than your dad, so neener.

Flenker said...

jad - I think Mel had a great time today, my bro and I even paid for dinner!

lucy - He is a great dad! And did you expect anything less than a sweet post from me? :)

h - since I have yet to meet your dad, I'll withhold judgment, but I will agree with you that Mel is awesome! Thanks! I see our dads getting along together very well, if they ever were to meet.

whiskeymarie said...

I love that your dad is a Mel.

Glad you had a good day with him!
What a good son you are- someone should take you out for ice cream.
Or beer.