Monday, June 11, 2007

The incredible, edible potato

Today's been rather productive so far, a stark contrast to yesterday. I've already showered, got one load of laundry done, another going, I went to the bookstore and purchased a couple of books (Running With Scissors and Death and the Penguin, at the used book store for a total of $12.05!), went for a bike ride, and have my attempt at some English-style "chips" in the oven. It's barely even noon! I really should have headed to the gym this morning like I was planning, but I still feel ok about how my day has gone so far. I still have a couple of hours until work, so who knows what else could get done! Maybe I'll put my clean clothes away instead of piling them on my bed, only to have them pushed to the floor when I'm ready to sleep. We'll see, I don't want to go overboard.

It's another beautiful day in Iowa City, I think the city is just really making a push for me to stay here in town come fall. A couple of friends of mine are doing the same, and as much as I like them and love this town, I think it's time for me to go either way. I mean, I can't pass up an opportunity like this, I feel like if I do, then I'll never really have another chance. Not that it would be a bad thing to stay here, but there's so much stuff out there that I need to check out. I just need to remember that when I'm constantly second-guessing myself.

Update on the potatoes: first batch is out, and tastes delicious! They're nice and soft inside, with a little bit of a crispy outside. I cut the potatoes into wedges, almost like home fries, then boiled them for about 5 minutes and immediately placed them into cold water. I let them soak in the water for a few minutes, then quickly dipped them into egg whites and stuck them into the cast-iron skillet that I had put a little peanut oil into and preheated to 350 degrees. Into the oven they went for about 10 minutes, then I turned them, tossed on a little salt, put them back in, and waited. After a quick walk to the gas station to redeem my free cap for a 2-liter of DDP, I took out the skillet, and let the wedges rest on a paper bag, to let them cool and to let some of the oil drain. I ate some of them alone, some with balsamic vinegar, and of course a couple with a little ketchup. I can't really say which way I liked them the best, they were all good. Dang, aren't potatoes amazing?

Well, that's about all from me for right now. I think I'm going to just sit around and read until work, I've got quite the queue adding up for my reading. So until next time, have a splendid day.


mist1 said...

You know, I'm not a big fan of the potato. Don't get me wrong, I like a good potato salad, but the potato and I are not good friends. I wish them all the best.

Minty said...


Except when they are cold, as in potato salad.


All other potatoes = goooooooood...


whiskeymarie said...

Oh lord, I love the potato.
Fried, baked, mashed, slathered in butter, slathered in cheese...

If I had my way I'd eat them all the time.
And then I would start to look like one.

Flenker said...

mist1 - I'm sorry to hear that. I will try to avoid bringing them up around you.

minty - I'm glad you like the potatoes! Although your stance on potato salad is disheartening, it's probably because you never had my grandma's potato salad.

whiskeymarie - that's what I'm talking about. It's hard to beat a good baked potato, with butter, a little salt, sour cream, maybe some Bacos, some cheese. . . mmm cholesterol...

a said...

Flenker, I'll have to give you my recipe for Parmesean potatoes. They are the best!!

And thanks for making me EXTREMELY hungry at work right now.

H said...

I LOVE POTATOES. Potatoes good! Potatoes good!

Potato salad bad.

This even made me a little bit hungry, and I have been throwing up everything that hit my stomach for the past 24 hours or so.