Saturday, July 14, 2007

Weekend Videos

It seems like a good time to post some videos. I don't know what qualifies today over any other time, but whatever. Maybe this could be a recurring theme on the weekends, when I'm feeling too lazy to write any actual posts. We shall see.


This is a band I listened to a lot in high school. You may recognize the lead singer, he's Jonah Matranga of onelinedrawing and New End Original. This song, "Mother Mary" is off of the album Water and Solutions, one of my all-time favorites. I was hoping for a video of their song "Bury White", but this will suffice.


Another band that I listened to a lot in high school, hearing them and Far right now take me back to trips to and from tennis practice. These two bands were about as close to the "grunge" genre as I got.

Their more popular song is probably "Stars", but I always loved this song, "The Pod". Both are off the album You'd Prefer an Astronaut, again, one of my favorites.

The (International) Noise Conspiracy

I'm moving more into my early college days with this group. T(I)NC came from the ashes of Refused (featured in a video post before), so to speak. They share a lead singer in Dennis Lyxzen (who may get my award for favorite last name, after Flenker of course), but this band is a little more 60's-rock influenced, with definite agendas and messages. This is "The Reproduction of Death" from Survival Sickness.

Rival Schools

This is another band from the first year or two I spent at Ames, and a regular contributer to my weekly radio shows. Charczuk and I would totally rock out while this song, "Used for Glue" was playing, doing some pretty intense air-guitaring at around the 2:22 mark of this video (embedding is disabled, so I can't post it here, but definitely check it out. This song rocks pretty hard, and I used to have a crush on the girl in the video.)

The Weakerthans

One of my favorite bands, this was my favorite song from their latest album Reconstruction Site. "Psalm for the Elk's Lodge Last Call" is a slower-paced song, kind of has a reflective tone, but the video always cracks me up. I love it!

Bonus Video!!!

I thought I'd add this Hum video that I just found, a live performance of "Stars". Matt Talbot is wearing a Bix 7 shirt, and that amused me to no end! These (nerdy-looking) guys from Champaign/Urbana get pretty heavy in this awesome version. (They're probably the only good thing to come from the University of Illinois campus.)


Jad said...

Yay! Great minds think alike, it seems. Awesome vids, man. Thanks for sharing.

Nicole said...

I've never heard of any of these bands. lol I live in a box. Thanks for introducing them to me. I'm diggin it.

Flenker said...

jad - great minds do think alike, especially ones as studly as ours

nicole - I'm glad you liked them, it always makes my day when I can introduce someone to some new tunes!

a said...

I find your comment about Hum being the only thing good to come from Champaign/Urbana and the University of Illinois rude. Seeing as I am a product of the University of Illinois and called Chambana my home for 6 years. Thanks Flenker. . . thanks a lot.

It looks like I am no going to have to have a new "friend of Bill's that is my favorite."

a said...

Oh and need I remind you that both Hugh Hefner and Roger Ebert are products of the University of IL. And Alison Krause and Jennie Garth (she was in 90210) are both from Champaign. . .

Flenker said...

a - I've yet to be impressed. Alison Krause is the best of the list so far, and that's not saying much.