Thursday, July 26, 2007

don't call it a comeback

Again, sorry for the downtime here, I've been busy with work, a party, some running, and a lot of playing NCAA football. (Plus, my "internet" has been kind of testy lately.) Sunday I played it with a member of the Iowa Hawkeye football team (Bradley Fletcher) and won! It was pretty wild, playing with someone who is actually in the game. (I won on a last-second play, after Fletch had been screwed with fumbles and interceptions dropped by his secondary all game long. I felt bad for beating him, but I had to.)

The party on Saturday went well, there was much drinking, some games played (washers, where you try to throw a washer into a box with a cup in it, kind of similar to horseshoes, and beer pong), grilling done, and some hanging out. Here are a few pictures, courtesy of my new camera. (click on any photo for a [much, much] larger version!)

We threw a football around a little while, Jim is catching the ball here, even though he has perfect form for punting it

Jeff goes for the leaping catch

I admire my perfect spiral

My brother struts around like this a lot (and looks a lot fatter in this picture than he actually is... he's sticking his chest/gut out a little here)

My mom and step-dad

My family. . .

Mom's so proud

My sister, excited about playing washers (we were on a team for one game, which was won with a clutch toss by me, right into the cup)

Me and Kay, in what I think it one of the best photos of me ever taken (and not just because I'm standing next to a pretty girl, I just look like the money here)

Me and Jim (and yes, he did come home with me that night)

I swear this was Angela's idea

I'll leave it at those photos for now, but there are a couple more pretty entertaining ones from afterwards, when Jeff, Jim and I were at my place. And note: these are all obviously pre-haircut, but the hair was lookin' pretty good for the last go-round.


H said...

I do like the new best picture of you ever taken, though I would disagree with that statement. The best picture of you ever taken is you and I, the first night we met. You know, the one with the cigarettes.

If you ever disagree with that, I will beat you.

Whiskeymarie said...

You can thin of this as a farewell party for your hair.

And your brother could easily play you (or your evil/not evil twin) in your Hallmark-channel biography.

lucy said...

i really like the picture of you, travis, and your mom.

and your haircut's not bad :)

Flenker said...

h - we've talked about this now, and I think we are in agreement. We'll have to see how this year's Bix photo turns out, though.

whiskey - farewell to hair! And I'm not sure on Travis playing me or my twin. . . For some reason, I just don't see it

lucy - thanks! That's a good picture of us. And the haircut's really growing on me