Monday, July 09, 2007

This is strangely involuntary!

A few sports-related notes:

Tomorrow I'll be missing the All-Star game for the first time ever. I'm going to be going to Arkansas with my mom and step-dad to help my grandpa move up to the Quad-City area. (For those of you unfamiliar with the QCA, it's on the border of Iowa and Illinois, made up of Davenport, Bettendorf, Rock Island, and Moline. At least that's the way I see it. Some people throw in East Moline. Whatever. Anyways, it's about 30 minutes from my mom in Muscatine, so he'll be a little bit closer than the 8-hour drive to Arkansas). Oooh, wait, I'll just get someone to tape the game for me. Or I guess maybe TiVo or DVR. Does anyone even "tape" stuff anymore?

Also, Tyler Smith has been allowed to play next season at Tennessee, the NCAA ruled. He won't have to sit out the customary year for transfers, since he moved home to be closer to his dad, who is fighting an advanced stage of lung cancer. Like I've said before, I don't hold a grudge against Tyler for transferring, and will cheer for him in Tennessee. His addition should make an already good team immediately better. So right now, I'm making them my (very very) early pick to win the title next season. Don't let me down Tyler.

As I mentioned yesterday, I went to a showing of Ratatouille, at the suggestion of Marin. I was a big fan of The Incredibles, and love cooking, so this seemed like a good movie for me. And it was, I thought it was very clever, and though it had a couple of cheesy parts (get it, because of the rats!), it definitely had me smiling and laughing out loud. The animation was beautiful, and it has Will Arnett from Arrested Development (TV show, not the rap group) as a voice, both pluses. It also had some good lines in it, like the one I used to title this here post, and the line "She believed in heaven, so she's covered... after-life speaking." I would highly recommend seeing this movie, especially if you like other Pixar films. I'm giving it 4 Flenker Thumbs-Up!


Hannita said...

I really want to see it! That and Transformers and the Harry Potter. I'm sure I'll be disappointed by HP but I just can't help myself.

Nicole said...

So I'm really not a sports fan, but I hope that Arkansas will make up for it? I doubt it, but we can always hope.

By the way, love the spamming of your Flenker-Messenger-Iconesque-Sized pictures of yourself.

Marin said...

Really?! Only 4???! I think this movie was better than Knocked Up. Who could refuse even another half thumb for food flying out of a rats hands into a big pot of soup?? (Food flying in the air and landing perfectly with a plop while the little guy scurries from ingredient to ingredient.)

Hannita- save yourself $ and disappointment by skipping Transformers. My roommate said it was horrific and he was expecting bad. It was racist among other awful things.

Whiskeymarie said...

I usually avoid the Pixar stuff- not my thing. But, food is my biz, so I will see it when it comes out on dvd. Sorry, I only go to maybe 6 movies a year, so I have to choose carefully...
I love the Flenker thumbs-up system. Keep 'em coming!

Flenker said...

hannita - I want to see Transformers, too, that may be this weekend.

nicole - glad you like the picture, it's going to keep coming!

marin - yeah, only 4. It is the Flenker Thumbs-Up, you know, not the Marin Thumbs-Up. :) Although if you want, you're more than welcome to do guest critiques.

whiskey - I don't know how true the movie is to an actual kitchen, so that may be something interesting to find out.