Sunday, July 08, 2007

Sunday's Big Ups

First and foremost, Big Ups to Roger Federer for winning his incredible 5th-straight Wimbledon title. The maddest of mad props to him. We are witnessing the prime of (in my opinion) the greatest men's tennis player ever. Federer won his 11th Grand Slam title, tying him with Rod Laver and Bjorn Borg for 3rd on the all-time list. That's kind of good company. And he's not even 26. (It kind of depressed me the first time that I found out I was 7 months older than Roger Federer. I've come to accept it now.) If he keeps up his dominance, he could have the most Grand Slam titles in a year. Most impressive.

Also getting Big Ups from me today are the Kansas City Royals. In their last 13 games (starting from, coincidentally, the game after I saw them in Milwaukee), they are 9-4, putting up 12 or more runs three times, including a 17-3 beatdown of Seattle and today's 12-4 win against Tampa Bay as they go into the All-Star Break. While I don't necessarily agree with Gil Meche being their representative in the game (I was leaning more towards David DeJesus or John Buck), I wish him the best, I hope he'll get some decent playing time.

That's it for today. I'm going to get ready to catch a showing of Ratatouille. So look for a new edition of the Flenker Thumbs-Up soon!


H said...

Oh, the Federer/Nadal match was so good! It was so exciting. SO EXCITING!

H said...

Federer is the Tiger Woods of tennis.

Hannita said...

I have to admit that yesterday I watched the last bit of that tennis match-just because of You.

a said...

I like Federer but I am also a BIG fan of Andy Roddick. (It could be b/c I think he's cuter than Federer) But I will have to admit that Federer is possibly better than Roddick. . . :)

Flenker said...

h - I thought about that, but I think Federer is on a different level right now. That could just be because I'm a HUGE Federer fan, and while I love Tiger, Roger is my boy. One thing is for sure, we're lucky to be able to watch both of these amazing athletes play.

hannita - I'm glad I could have such an impact on your life, I hope you enjoyed the match!

a - Roddick's a bum. He was good for maybe one or two seasons, but keeps getting hyped up here because he's America's best player. and he's not even our best player anymore, I would say James Blake is better, but Donald Young will be better than both. That's not really saying much, there hasn't been a great American tennis player since the Sampras/Agassi days.

H said...

As a tennis player Andy Roddick is highly overrated; however, as a celebrity I have to say that I find him intriguing.

the Crab said...

Now, as the FOG* of this group, I saw Bjorn Borg play. If he hadn't retired at such a young age (26), I believe that he would have set records no one could match.

*FOG: fucking old guy. So old that Cliff Drysdale** once strung a racquet for me when I lived in Austin, TX.

**only real tennis fans will know

Flenker said...

h - to me it sounds as though Roddick is entering his "Anna Kournikova" stage, when people start worrying about his celebrity status. Either way, he seems like a guy that I'd like to beat with a tire iron if I met him outside of the tennis court.

the crab - ahoy! I am a big fan of Bjorn Borg's, Federer will never match his 6 French Open titles. He and Rod Laver are two players that I wish I could have seen play live. And I'm still impressed that Cliff Drysdale strung your racket.