Wednesday, August 01, 2007

My weekend in pictures

The first phase of my move is now complete! As I'm typing from Muscatine with my car parked out front with a lot of crap in it, my bed, futon, and lots more crap are all sitting in the basement of my brother's current place of residence in Iowa City. On Saturday, Travis will be moving into his new house, one that he's actually buying. (Ridiculous stuff, right? My younger brother is buying a house and starts his full-time job on Monday. In the meantime, I'll be "temporarily homeless" for the next month, surfing from couch to couch. And I'm fine with that.) Hopefully a majority of my stuff will be moving up there with him this weekend, at least the larger items (bed, futon, tv) that I can't get with my car. The best part about it? I will not be around to help out, as I will be invading DC for Flenkerfest 2007 (apparently my first 2007 trip that way wasn't the "official" Flenkerfest. That one might have been Birthday Bash). I feel bad about not being able to help out, I mean it's my brother's first house and all, but the timing on everything just didn't work out. And besides, he only helped me a little bit, while he was extremely drunk, around 3:00 Tuesday morning. Yes, I was up, moving at 3 am yesterday. I didn't really sleep between 9 am Monday and 11 pm Tuesday. Poor planning on my part. Not packing early was a poor choice. But, my room went from looking like this:

To looking like this:

(that brown spot was on the floor when I moved in, I swear. It was under my bed the whole time, how could it have gotten there with my bed over it???)

Many thanks to my friends Travis (not to be confused with my brother Travis) and Erin for helping with my move by providing a truck and moral support!

To keep the theme of some recent-Flenker pictures, here are a few from the Bix weekend festivities!

This is LeClaire Park, one of 3 or 4 venues hosting jazz bands during the weekend, right on the Mississippi River.

Every year a building on the Illinois side of the Quad-Cities turns on the lights in some offices to spell out "Bix". I think it's pretty neat.

This is the Centennial Bridge, right near LeClaire Park, a nice site when it's all lit up. It's even better in person or in a photo taken by a good photographer.

And this is the only photo that's been posted so far of me from the run. I'm hoping that there will be a couple more, but this one will do for now!

Now I really should be getting to bed, I've got a long day of travel ahead of me. I'll try to check in from the east coast while I'm there, but be sure to be on your best behavior if I'm not around.


mist1 said...

That stain looks like the Virgin Mary.

Hannita said...

I saw the Bix in lights and thought "how sweet. that buildings about 10 stories tall." I have officially lived in Chicago too long. Hee.

Much like Lollapallooza travels, so can Flenkerfest.

Idea #527 said...

Hey! Congrats on the move! I HATE moving! If you're driving through Des Moines you had BETTER come have a drink with me!

And this is A. Apparently when you do a blog it no longer allows you to sign these comments as such.

Whiskeymarie said...

I cannot and will not promise to be on my best behavior.
Instead, I'll "try" to "not behave so badly I get arrested".

And, I'll toast to your temporary homelessness this weekend. Think of it as your Jack Kerouac moment.

Flenker said...

mist - I was thinking more like a fat Elvis, but I could definitely see the Virgin Mary

hannita - Flenkerfest is made to travel!

a - I'll let you know if my travels take me through Des Moines

whiskey - I hope your efforts to avoid arrest went well! And I've always wanted a Kerouac moment,so this will be it, just without the drugs and fewer beatniks.