Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Guest Post: Jad from Canada! (and Three Pints and a Towel!)

You know how I've been saying that there was going to be a special post coming up? Well, this is it! I'm honored to have exchanged guests posts with Jad from Three Pints and a Towel, one of my first "blog friends" that I made, and a blog that I always look to for some excellent music. I suggest everyone else do the same. But without further ado, let's let Jad take it away!


Dear Blogosphere:

I seem to be going through a quarter-life crisis.

We seem to hear a lot about mid-life crises; a full blown psychological event, they say. Does it really hold a candle to the quarter-life crisis, though? I mean, at least when you're going through your mid-life crisis you have the money to buy a red sports car or fly to Bora Bora. What do itinerant quarter-lifers have? Ramen Noodles and public transportation, that's what.

"Sad Song" - Au Revoir Simone

I have a feeling that many of us bloggers and blog readers are finding ourselves at this very same crossroads - the point at which we finish our formal education and make some sort of attempt at beginning the rest of our lives. We find ourselves ejected from the College womb, bleary-eyed and mostly helpless, expected to fend for ourselves, to become independent.

"The Times They Are A-Changin" - Bob Dylan

Likely, a lot of this has to do with our current culture. We're bombarded with messages of competitive consumerism, we're forced to overeducate ourselves, then we're stuck into jobs which we're vastly overqualified for. Growing up, we're all sure that we'll become rock star astronauts. Why wouldn't we? We're awesome!

"I Was Born A Unicorn" - The Unicorns

Now, with 36 dollars in the bank and large student debts, we're hit with the reality of it all. Gone are the dreams of yesteryear, now replaced with the less glamourous actualities of today. From delusions of grandeur, to feelings of inadequacy - it's a long way to fall. Sadly, we all need to take this trip.

"Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before" - The Smiths

Given the choice, I'm sure most of us would stay students forever. We'd like a family, a house, and a dog, just not quite yet. There seems to be a notion among young people that we'll never turn out like our parents, and, when we start to, it can be pretty terrifying.

"Little Boxes" - Melvina Reynolds

We all deal with this in different ways. Some of us pound the pavement, handing out a hundred resumes a day to disinterested human resources officers. Others run off to Ecuador and live with the native peoples there, in a vain attempt to escape it all. Still others move back home, sleep on the couch until noon all summer, and bum around with their old friends, waiting for NASA to call and offer them the rock star astronaut position they so richly deserve.

"Beautiful Dreamer" - Mates of State

Now, I know this post is coming out a little negative. It's hard to give something like this proper perspective when you're smack in the middle of it. Really, it can be quite disconcerting, but, and this is crucial:

"Don't Panic" - Coldplay

Remember - this is an important phase to go through. We're supposed to start out all doe-eyed and idealistic, and the world is supposed to make us grow up. That's not to say we should become cynical, or hard-hearted. In fact, quite the opposite. I think this little transitory phase between twenty-something student and adult is the perfect time to solidify those fantastic beliefs we've been developing. If we can actually hold on to our ideals, in spite of the world's attempt to jade us, then we'll be able to do some serious good after all.

"To Be Myself Completely" - Belle and Sebastien

So, fellow crisis sufferers, worry not. Not only is this crappy time in your life normal, it's also necessary. Get out there, seize the day, and take the next step with confidence. At least we're still young.

"First Day of My Life" - Bright Eyes


Big thanks for the opportunity to guest post at PoL go to Flenker. Hope you've enjoyed reading and listening!


Flenker said...

An excellent post Jad, thank you very much. And the music? Top-notch as always!

H said...

Excellent post. And excellent music. I might invite Jad to do a guest post for Random Mindless Ramblings one of these days, if he'd be willing. Or, maybe I'll just invite him to write my whole blog. What a great writer he is.

Jad said...
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Whiskeymarie said...

Let's see, I went through a quarter-life crisis, a quarter-plus-five crisis, a quarter-plus-ten crisis...

you get the point.


Great post.