Monday, August 06, 2007

Greetings from the East Coast

This is my last day out in the DC area! Right now I have a little free time while I'm waiting for a friend to call, so I thought I'd write something in the meantime.

First off, a pretty monumental weekend in baseball, with Alex Rodriguez hitting his 500th home run, Barry Bonds getting his 755th, and Tom Glavine picking up with 300th win. Congratulations to all, we won't see another 300-game winner in a long time, and it'll be a few years before A-Rod catches up to Bonds, if he's able.

Speaking of baseball, I made it out to a couple of Washington Nationals games, seeing them win twice against the Cardinals! Awesome! The Friday game started with a nice diving catch by Nats' centerfielder Nook Logan, and Austin Kearns made an impressive diving catch on Sunday to end that game. Ryan Zimmerman is a stud, a Cardinal-killer. He had a large weekend at the plate, hitting a walk-off single on Friday night, then 2 HR's on Saturday, and then driving in the tie-breaking run in the 8th on Sunday, going 3-for-5 in the two games that we saw.

Here are a few pictures from the games:

it was "Negro Leagues Tribute Night" at RFK on Friday, so the teams went by old Negro League names and wore the corresponding jerseys. This makes my 2nd Negro Leagues tribute game this season!

The view from our seats on Friday (this was still during batting practice, the place filled up more)

It was nice that the Cardinals let a 14-year-old play shortstop for them.

The Nats have the presidents from Mt. Rushmore race and dance. Fun, but not quite as entertaining as Milwaukee's sausage race. Unfortunately, I wasn't prepared to take a picture of the president race on either day.

Our view for Sunday's game


My favorite picture from the games, this is a broken-bat single by Nook Logan. You can see the barrel of the bat, and the ball in the air and everything! I should become a professional.

Chico was the starting picture for Washington. This made my day.

There were other activities, including a trip to the National American Indian Museum and some delicious food, but that'll wait until I'm back home.


Marin said...

14-year-old?!?! Well, I love him and I don't care what you call him, I will still love him. AND no inclusion of a pic of the lovely lady sitting next to you?

Boo hiss spit spit!

p.s. I coined 'Flenkerfest'

standoutinacrowd said...

mariano believes it should be "flonkerfest"

the crab said...

I love your captions for photos:

Chico was the starting "picture" of the day.