Saturday, June 28, 2008

King of the burritos (and tacos and pizza)

I'm playing around with the layout and elements and all sort of fun stuff on here, so don't be alarmed if things are a little different. I'm just bored and figured what the hell, may as well see what I can do.

Speaking of bored, that's pretty much been my life of late. I haven't written much on here because, well, not much has been happening to me. Like I mentioned, I went to 3 Royals' games in the past week, which was awesome. They won all 3, and I got a bobblehead, a hat, and a shirt. So really, I won, too. I'd post pictures, but my camera has been extremely temperamental, and I haven't taken any great shots anyways. On account of my viewfinder thing being broken. But rest assured, it was fun.

Also, something I've been doing Friday nights is heading to Lawrence, KS (about a 30-40 minute drive) with some friends to get a burrito. Not just any burrito, mind you, but a burrito from the wondrous Burrito King. It's a drive-thru place, open until 3 in the morning every day, serving the cheapest burritos I've ever seen. For the three of us, each getting a burrito and a side of nacho cheese, the total price is usually around $10. For three people. Together. It's amazing. I say usually because I don't know if it's ever cost the same amount twice, but that's just part of the fun. Last night it was $11.90, a couple of weeks ago it was $9.50, either way it was a deal. I usually go with the carnitas with rice and cheese, and it's usually delicious. But getting through a whole one can be a feat unto itself. A feat in amazing food.

An even more amazing event occured when we went a couple of weeks ago. We were going to hit up a place called Pizza Shuttle, also in Lawrence (the two other guys both went to school at KU, so they've gotten quite attached), for their $4.50 personal pizza and a soda pop special. On the way, we joked around that we should also stop at Burrito King, and hit up Taco John's while we were there. (Note: I freakin' love TJ's, but the closest one is a ways away from me.) Soon the joking turned into a frank discussion, and shortly thereafter, we had a plan: split one small pizza amongst the three of us, each get a taco from Taco John's, and each get a burrito from BK. We don't know how exactly it came about, but we had our minds set.

The eventual feast turned out to be magical. We headed to a park to sit at a picnic table, spread everything out, and just marvel for a moment. Then, we dug in. I only wish we had brought a camera to document the night. We were taking a bite of each in rapid succession, washing them down with our foutain sodapops (also part of our tradition, we stop at a Quik Trip for a 32 oz fountain drink), and even had a bite of all three at once. This bite, my dear friends, was incredible, while testing the tensile limits of the mouth.

Jared was the only one to finish all three portions, I just couldn't quite get all of the burrito. I had only about 2 or 3 bites left, but had I tried to get those in, the results would not have been pretty.

The drive home was a glorious one, recount our tale to each other, making plans for the next "ironman" night. Our rapture only slightly dampered when we thought about how many calories we had just consumed. But at the price, around $17 TOTAL, we were truly champions.


christina said...

man, i love long drives for good food. sometimes i'll go to wisconsin for an gyro.

Idea #527 said...

I'm a little upset. . .my first comment did not post. . .

I do that when I'm in Champaign too with Pokey Sticks and La Bambas!!!

Things you should try: (We came up with this at game night with my appetizers and tacos I had made.)

Take Hormel Chili No-Bean Dip (a can of hormel chili no-beans and velveeta cheese melted) and spread it on a softshell taco and then place a hard shell taco on top fill with your favorite taco fillings and wrap up the softshell around it!

We called them Double Decker Tacos and when my friend Dan and I have dinner night this has been his request the last 3 times. :) haha!

Hannita said...

Lawrence is also supposed to be a great place for music. Just sayin'

Flenker said...

christina - I once traveled 2 hours for sushi. True story

idea - Pokey Sticks are amazing. You shouldn't have to travel that far for them, though, Ames has them!

hannita - that's true. The Get Up Kids used to be one of my favorite bands, they're from KC/Lawrence

Whiskeymarie said...

I haven't been there in a while, but I LOVE Taco John's. I've never even been in a taco Bell.

My friends and I in high school used to make regular trips into Duluth (a 25-minute drive, not exactly monumental, but in those days a big deal) to get nachos and slurpees from 7-11.

I love your road trips.

Affiliate Marketing Tips said...

I am just mad about two things in my life,1st is buritos and 2nd is pizza.