Monday, June 16, 2008

The Films

I'm just sitting at work, watching the U.S. Open playoff (Tiger wins it in sudden death!), listening to some tunes. Busy day.

Here's another group I've just heard about through XM. I'm probably way behind on them, like most bands, but I thought I'd mention them anyways. Here's The Films (website | myspace)!

My favorite song of their so far has been "Belt Loops," but "Black Shoes" is pretty solid, too. They have some of Elvis Costello's old punk sound, mixed in with more modern indie pop, like an American version of the Arctic Monkey (a band I've been getting way way into, by the way). A pretty catchy combination, if you ask me. And obviously you care what I think.

Well, it's about time I get hittin' that old dusty trail. But, I'm very excited for an album coming out tomorrow, a new one from the Notwist. So check back for my thought on that!!

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charczuk said...

I just watched the dusty trail episode last night...and it was soup that he ordered and didn't want to split the check evenly for...