Tuesday, July 01, 2008

I've been saying this for months!!!

Joe Posnanski, one of my favorite reporters, has written an article about something I've been thinking and saying for a while. The Royals should sign Barry Bonds. It's a win/win situation. He's stated that he'd play for free!!! What's the problem here? I'd go into it more, but Posnanski writes so much better than I do, so you should read the article.

And you should listen to The Submarines (website | myspace). I had a post about them from June 3rd that I thought I published, but must have forgotten. Anyways, they're like a combination of Mates of State and minipop, and every now and again, I hear hints of Nina Persson's voice coming out in Blake Hazard (which is an excellent name). Which is appropriate, because Nina was one of my first band-girl crushes, and Ms. Hazard has become one of my latest. Unfortunately (for me, but good for her), she's dating bandmate John Dragonetti. It's kind of a funny (cute?) story with them. They started dating, playing in each other's bands, broke up, each wrote songs about the breakup, she still was recording at his place, they talked, found out they had both written songs about how much they loved and missed each other, got back together (romantically and musically), and created The Submarines. Perfect! Their music is already all over the place, on Nip/Tuck, Gray's Anatomy, and Weeds, so don't be the last to hear them! Unless I am, which could be the case. . .

And their video is so damn cute. I hope it works out for those kids. I don't know if I could be in a band with someone I'm dating, but between these guys and Mates of State, they make it seem easy. Anyways, listen and enjoy!

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