Monday, October 15, 2007

What is this? Is this actual content??

First, let me say I hate looking for airfare. (more like air un-fare, amiright??? thanks, I'll be by myself at the bar all night.) I'm trying to get home for Christmas, but not currently having a job is making it difficult. Luckily, both of my parents have graciously offered to help out, so it will be a very Flenker Christmas in Iowa.

Speaking of jobs, I had an interview last week, and have something else lined up soon, so hopefully one (or both) will come to fruition, and I'll actually have some sort of income to spend frivolously. (is there any other way??)

With no job, and basically no friends in town, it sometimes makes me feel very isolated and antsy (example: on my "Things Chris Needs to do List" for today there is 1) go to the post office, then 2) watch Heroes tonight. And the baseball game. exciting. And the post office might not happen, since that would require putting pants on). It's been a while since I've made friends with people other than co-workers or friends of friends. And since Big Texas was hoping that I would help introduce him to new people, I've got an uphill battle going on. My first few missions have been failures, but I've got another coming up tomorrow: the Project Jenny, Project Jan and Fujiya & Miyagi show. I will do my darndest to meet at least one person there.

I have met a couple of people at the Iowa Alumni Club game watches, so that's nice, but have yet to do anything with any of them. (Maybe tonight I will call to see if people would like to hang out. I think that's how it's said. Oooh, that could interfere with my Heroes watching, so maybe not tonight.) Note to networks airing games from Iowa City: you don't have to show cornfields and hogs and rusted-out trucks sitting on a farm every time you're in Iowa City. You could show actual scenes from downtown, or the Old Capitol Building, or university buildings or something. I mean, we were a shot of a jug band in overalls, sitting on a porch, away from looking like Missouri. And no one wants that.

It's amazing how the Iowa Hawkeyes football team winning a game can change my mood so drastically. I was downright giddy after their win this past weekend. Which is kind of sad, to be excited about a win over the annual whipping boy of the Big Ten - Illinois. But something needed to happen, because I was basically inconsolable for the 3 weeks before. (The Hawks hadn't won since I moved down here, and their only two wins were games that I attended. I was taking the blame, I felt like I was jinxing the team, letting everyone down. These things rattle around in my head. Yes, I'm nearly 27 and college-educated. Thankfully I realized that wearing my Fred Russell jersey during the game is good luck. I also discovered the proper position in which to sit to make the team play better. And if I have to eat the same, kinda gross hamburger that I ate last week, so be it. Disaster averted.)


christina said...

isn't it crazy how simply putting on a pair of pants can take a day of fun and leisure and bastardize it?

i say skip the post office. if they can't accept you for your pantless self, then they aren't worth it.

Flenker said...

christina - I totally agree with you. Unfortunately, the post office doesn't. They don't want people waiting in line to be comfortably standing in their underwear for 45 minutes. No, they have to be wearing constricting shorts or pants, and a shirt. It's all part of the Man keeping us down.

Idea #527 said...

I was wondering if you were going to mention the Hawks win. Apparently I was cussing like a sailor during the game. (Could have been the booze-vodka and OJ- on an empty stomach and the fact my Dad was saying how flawless they played against WI at home the wknd prior.) I might have cried a little. It was so sad. My first and only Illinois game to watch this year and it's at Iowa City and they lose!! I even had some awesome seats! (9th row, 30-yard line)

I'll admit that:

A) IA City is a great time for both going out and tailgating.

B) Kinnick Stadium is cool.

C) Iowa's campus is very nice and pretty and has some cool buildings.

And Seriously, my friend Amanda said she would show you around on the weekends if you wanted her to, and you have yet to call!! Plus she and her fiance have a lot of friends there that they could introduce you to.


Flenker said...

idea - you would think being an Illinois fan you'd be used to disappointment. As for your friends in Austin, yeah, that'd be cool. I had kind of totally forgotten about that. I'll contact you soon about it!

lucy said...

ah, air un-fare...

i laughed out loud. for a long time. :]

Hannita said...

This pants thing again...
(I hope some of the job things work out)

Captain Crab said...

How to make friends in Austin:

Dress like a Professor and hang out in coffee houses near campus. You may be able to get some tutoring jobs that way also.


charczuk said...

I'm just going to post in an antagonistic manner (sports wise) everywhere:

ISU won, and they suck.

That gets a charczuk '5 thumbs up'!