Friday, October 12, 2007

Stolen from H

I'm stealing this video from H, only because it's hilarious, it's made me laugh out loud every time I've watched it, and really, I'm having trouble coming up with stuff on my own at the moment.

I sometimes wish the Royals had someone like Bert Blyleven. But, Denny Matthews is a joy to listen to on the radio, one of the best in the business.

I guess now is as good a time as any to delve into the playoffs. Unfortunately, Bill's dream match up of Cubs vs. Yankees is already out, as both teams have been eliminated, as have the Angels and Dodgers. I'm hoping for an Indians/Rockies Series, mainly because I hate the Red Sox, and have a soft spot for the Rockies. I went to a Rockies game their first year in existence, 1993, when I was in San Francisco (Rockies won 5-1, I believe). I have a cousin that lives in Denver, her apartment is right next to Coors Field, a beautiful stadium. But then I also have family in Arizona, who love the Diamondbacks. But I have yet to see them play in person, so I'll stick with Colorado. Plus, the Rockies have been white hot lately, winning something like 18 out of their last 19 games, regular season and post-season included. Matt Holiday is a freaking stallion and MVP candidate (and carried my fantasy baseball team to the championship round, which will discussed in another post), Kaz Matsui has turned into a monster once October came around (I saw him play for the Colorado Springs Sky Sox, Rockies' AAA team, a season ago, and caught a foul ball he hit), and besides having a name that's fun to say, Troy Tulowitzki is not only a Rookie of the Year candidate, but he turned an unassisted triple play (only the 13th such play ever), and then about two weeks later, was putout on a triple play. Wacky! (Maybe the Rockies are becoming my favorite NL team!)

So there you have it, my pick for the World Series Champion. Which means, now that I've typed it out, they don't really stand a chance. I just have that effect on teams.

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