Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Just got back from the Project Jenny, Project Jan and Fujiya & Miyagi show with my socks barely intact. It was great. PJ,PJ put on such an energy-filled set, lead singer Jeremy Haines was all over the place, and the results were well worth the effort. The duo had a projector set up, displaying videos to accompany the music, changing images at a pace as upbeat as the tunes. These guys put on one of the best shows I've seen. I know I probably say that about every other band that I see, but I really mean it. I'm extremely glad Jad had reviewed their album a few weeks ago. That man knows his music!

The headlining band, Fujiya & Mitagi, were pretty incredible, I gotta say. They were a lot more tuned-down than PJ,PJ, but it didn't take anything away from the atmosphere. The trio launched into song after song, staying tight the whole time, playing some great music. The highlight, however, had to be when a member from the crowd jumped on stage during one of their songs (I wish I was more familiar with their tunes, so I could give you a name, it was the one that has the lyric "I've got a slow, slow metabolism," if that helps) and stood around behind the band for a second, then went into this epic dance. He definitely had some mad moves for a tubby white dude (best part of the dance - the guy pointing to his belly when the aforementioned lyric about metabolism was said).

Both of these bands would be worth seeing on their own, the fact that they played together was almost too much for me to handle. Worth every bit of the $12 I paid, and then some.


Charles said...

I was that chubby white dude! Glad you enjoyed. I had put up a video on youtube a while ago as part of my site where I danced to the tune (Photocopier), and F+M put it on their site:

I missed them at SXSW, and since they were rolling through again, they asked me to get up and dance for 'em. I think they got a kick out of it. I sure did!

You didn't happen to, or know anyone who got pictures of it, do you? I stupidly forgot a camera.


Flenker said...

charles - AWESOME!! I'm so glad you commented, and gave a link to your site. pretty sweet stuff you have there. I definitely think they got a kick out of it, and you sure looked like you were enjoying yourself!

unfortunately, I also forgot to bring my camera, but there were quite a few people snapping pictures, and I think a couple taking video. Hopefully something turns up for you.

Thanks for stopping by, come back again soon!

Jad said...

Glad you had a good time! F&M were spectacular when I saw them do a short opening set, it must have been nothing short of amazing to see them headline and do a full set.

Yay for Austin!