Friday, September 07, 2007

Starting my final tour

The past couple of days in Ames were pretty fun! Bill and I basically hung out, we didn't do anything too wild. We watched Superbad, which was pretty hilarious, went to the batting cages, where I was straight-up destroying the pitches (most of the time), and having a good old time. Some delicious foods were eaten, including a tres leches cake that I made Wednesday night. I was a little nervous about how it'd turn out, as it was a little more labor-intensive than the usual boxed cake mixes, but it actually came out wonderfully! Then on my way home last night, I was able to hang out with Captain Crab for a drink or two, which is always fun! Sorry, though, no pictures were taken.

You see, I had a little mishap with my camera while I was at Wrigley Field. It was in my pocket, got jostled around, and ended up with a broken LCD screen. So while it still takes pictures, I can't preview them or actually see what it is that's in the picture while I'm taking it. It was kind of disappointing, especially since I've only had it for a couple of months, but I only spent $100 on it so it's not like it was a top-of-the-line camera. But still. I'll make do for now, like I said it still takes pictures (almost all of the pictures that I posted from the Chicago trip were taken in its current state). Eventually, however, I'll have to break down and buy a new one. Probably after I actually have a job and some sort of income.

Well this will probably be my last post for the weekend, I'll be running around trying to fit everything in and see everyone that I want to see while I'm in Iowa City this weekend. But I'll be back on Sunday and Monday, and will try to have some epic, worth-while posts. This will probably be a little bit of an emotional weekend for me, so there may be lots to report. Until then, go Hawks!!


mist1 said...

I didn't even know it was possible to make a cake without a box.

Whiskeymarie said...

You making tres leches cake makes me love you even more, my dear.

Tres leches is easily in my top 3 desserts ever.
Move to MN and make me one for my birthday, o.k?

The Dread Pirate Roberts said...

I'm happy that no pictures were taken of the Crab! I've had the misfortune of seeing the crusty old bastard. No one needs to see that!

Flenker said...

mist - I've heard that such a thing exists. Nothing I've experienced, just a rumor.

whiskey - knowing that you love tres leches so much makes me love you even more. I'd gladly make one for you next time I'm in the Twin Cities area, though it's a little late for me to decide to move there. Sorry!

dread pirate roberts - first off, most excellent name, sir, I salute it. As for the Crab, he's too mysterious to have a photo taken and posted on my blog here. . .