Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Frantic times, I swear

Now most of the time that I come on here and say that I've had a busy week, it's not really true. I'm just saying it to excuse me from not posting for a few days. This week, however, has been kind of busy. Sunday I was hanging out with some family, eating lots of food, and doing things that a person moving 1000 miles away should be doing (save for packing, of course). Monday I was on puppy patrol all day, and couldn't really get away for long to go all the way upstairs to the computer. Plus, there was an all-day marathon of Dirty Jobs on the Discovery Channel, so do you expect me not to plant my ass on the couch and watch it? That goes against the very fiber of my being. Really, I could watch the Discovery Channel all day long, between Dirty Jobs, Survivor Man, and of course, MythBusters. I did make some time to grill a chicken breast and bacon-wrapped shrimp, and made a pretty gnarly couple of wraps. (Yes, I used the word "gnarly" and am not ashamed) And had a little time to hang out with KP, so it was a good Labor Day. Even if I didn't realize Labor Day was arriving until Sunday afternoon. Such are the troubles of not being in school and not having a job.

And now I'm heading off to Ames, for it is Bill's birthday, and I thought that it would be sad for him to spend yet another birthday alone. I have also been telling him I was going to make it out there one last time before I left, and I guess I decided to make it about as close as I could. But there should be some good times, I'll bring my camera and report back when I can.

These next few days are going to go by quickly, I will be super busy. That's more than just regular busy by like 13. I do have some posts in mind that I'm going to try to squeeze in here, so just bear with me, I'll do my best! Until then, happy times, all around!


the Crab said...

Sorry I couldn't make it tonight, but you and Bill would have gotten in to the piratin' thing and there goes the next 3 days, aarrgghh!

Whiskeymarie said...

Have a gnarly weekend, my dear Flenker!

Actually, make it EXTRA gnarly, for me.