Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The return of an old favorite

no posts lately. No big surprise. Nothing of note has been happening here. Really. There was that election thing last week, which was cool. There was a little football game this weekend that was rather exciting. . .

My dad was down on the field, a place I really wanted to be. Alas, I was a little ways away, watching on TV.

I've been going back and reading through some of my older posts. I used to write some alright stuff, you know! Maybe I'll try to get back to that. Starting today!

It'd be neat if I had a photo story to post. I don't.

Something I do have, though, is a backlog of movies that I've seen and haven't discussed. You know what that means. It's time for everyone's favorite movie reviews!

I'm pretty sure the last one I saw was Vicky Cristina Barcelona, when I was in DC. It's the latest Woody Allen movie, with Scarlett Johansson and Javier Bardem. Of course I was going to like it. I just didn't know how much I would like it. It was great.

The movie, if you haven't heard about or seen it, is about a couple of girls (Vicky and Cristina) in a city (Barcelona). Vicky (a very pretty Rebecca Hall) is a grad student, with a fiancee back in the states, using her time in Barcelona to study, umm, Spanish stuff? The Catalan Identity, according to imdb. Good to know. Cristina (Johansson) is just kind of along for the ride. Bardem plays an artist, meets up with the girls, romantic comedy hyjinx ensue.

The settings were great, and the music was perfect. Classic-style Spanish guitar played a pretty big part of the movie, and made me want to go buy a classical guitar. (Note: I have yet to buy said classical guitar.) There were some kind of cheesy parts, as were to be expected, but the acting was great, the story was solid, and the cinematography was great. I would highly recommend checking it out if it's still playing anywhere, otherwise you'll have to wait for the DVD (set to release in January, which coincidentally lines up with a couple of birthdays, I can think of one person who will be getting it). It's an excellent movie, definitely one of Woody Allen's best in maybe 15-20 years. At least my favorite in that time period. That's why I'm giving this movie a whopping 5 Flenker Thumbs Up!!!!

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