Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday night challenge (live blogging the death of innocence)

Since I have nothing better to do tonight, I think I will celebrate the opening night victory of the Iowa men's basketball team with the addition of brandy to egg nog.

The players:

While I've been waiting for the pictures to upload, glass #1 disappeared into my belly. Glass #2 - commence.

Keep checking back for an exciting night, as I attempt to pretend like this is not a pathetic night.

***Update #1 - 10:33 pm CST***

After 2 glasses with the nog, I realize I will not be able to handle much more of it. Back up must be called. Back up in the form of apple cider.

(yeah, that's the best picture I could take. my camera's LCD screen is busted. Sorry)

now this is dangerously delicious

***Update #2 - 10:58 pm CST***

Drink number 4 brings me to one of my favorite parts of any night - sweatpants time!! hurray!

though as Haley brought up, it's kind of surprising I'm still wearing pants. Gives me a lot to think about right now.

**Update #3 - 12:00 am CST**

defeat. The nog did me in. Even though I switched to the cider, the amount of egg nog I had earlier filled me up too much. And I'm not sure if the two are getting along very well. Oh well. And I've barely gotten a quarter of the brandy gone. Such is life. I guess I have more to have some other time.

Such is the end of my night of solo drinking.


christina said...

oh man. the time i did this experiment things turned ugly fast. lucky you to just finished without having to move and change your name.

Whiskeymarie said...

Yeah- this is drunk blogging to be proud of- you spelled everything correctly, and your sentences made sense.

You're making the rest of us look bad, you know.