Saturday, February 09, 2008

Thoughts while on puppy patrol

I'm back in Muscatine for the day, watching Nyles and Kenna. It's been a good time so far, aside from the whole being woken up at around 5:45 by dogs playing on my bed. But once they were fed, let out, and settled down, things got much better. I was even able to fit a nap in, which always makes for a good day. Until I look at the clock and realize that it's almost 5. Damn! I had wanted to read and write this and stuff, but I've just played my DS most of the time. That'll happen, I guess, when your life is as rough as mine.

This week is going to be a special one here at TPoL. There are a few milestones coming up, which will be celebrated with photos, music, and words other than mine, so everyone should have a good time! But for now, go over to H's place, where she is celebrating a milestone of her own. Then come back on Monday, for the start of the festivities!!

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lucy said...

i'm pretty excited.