Friday, July 30, 2010

The return of the best thing I've ever done

(note: I started writing this oh, almost two weeks ago. It's been sitting for a while, waiting for me to finish. Sorry for the delay. For a look at one of the things I was working on in the interim, check this out - I ate at Jack Stack Barbecue - The Staff)

Yesterday, wanting to get out of the house, I decided to make it a Flenker day. Just about everyone was out of town, so instead of my usual brunch with my usual people, I headed to Chez Elle on my own, one of my favorite places in town in one of my favorite areas of town. Seriously, if I stay in Kansas City, I'm going to move over to the west side. There are some amazing eateries (Chez Elle, Blue Bird Bistro, and Fresher Than Fresh Snow Cones, in addition to a few places I haven't tried like Westside Local, Los Alamos Market y Cocina, Lil's on 17th, and the list probably goes on and on, all within a couple blocks), and just a nice neighborhood. Come on and visit, I'll show you around the area.

After polishing off my Jambon crepe (ham, spinach, pesto, mozzarella, so so delicious, and devoured before I could snap a crappy cellphone picture), I needed a cool place to kill a hot afternoon. Since it was still a little early to hit the bar, I decided to catch a $4 showing of Inception. (who am I kidding? I would've gone to the bar, but I really wanted to see the movie. I know nothing of this "too early" excuse I've given.)

Inception had been getting a lot of press, and a lot of praise. I wanted to be sure to see it before A) it got too built up in my head and then failed to live up to expectations and B) I had it spoiled. So what am I going to do here now? Hype it up and possibly spoil it for you. If there are any blatant spoilers, I'll try to preface them with a warning. Just be wary if you haven't seen it. Actually, stop reading this, and go see it. If you go right now you'll probably get the matinee price still.

So. Inception. It's about dreams, stealing ideas from dreams, folding Paris in half, planting ideas in dreams, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt kicking ass. I don't know if there's much I can say about it that hasn't been said (that's what I get for waiting to publish something about a movie that came out two weeks ago), but I side on the "WOW THAT WAS AWESOME" side of things. People who don't agree probably didn't get it. OK, I don't really think that way for the most part, though I'm sure that's part of the criticisms out there. Some want a movie to be nicely wrapped up with a little bow on top, with everything explained to them. Honestly, there are many times when I want that, too, I'm not saying there's no merit in them. But, you know, sometimes it's not so bad to leave something up to your interpretation, or for you to continue to think about the movie after you leave the theater. This is what Inception does. I walked out thinking one thing about the ending/whole thing, but after letting it sit for a while, came up with a different feeling towards it. I've read a few reviews of it, some theories about what happened, and talked with friends. That's what a good "thinker's" movie should do. Lead to discussion.

That being said, I'm going to have to whole-heartedly agree with the sentiment of one Drew Magary, from his Deadspin post Inception Was Great, Now Please Stop Talking About It, Assholes:

If you saw Inception and liked it, just do yourself a favor and never read about it. Ever. Because, like "Lost" or the finale of "The Sopranos", you'll be just be drawn into this long and annoying debate full of questions that don't have any answer because the person writing the movie or show purposefully didn't want to supply them. The movie rocks. The bullshit factory it's generating? Not so much.

So there you go. Now, before I get grouped in with the "Lost" fanboys and girls, I'll just go right to the money shot -

That's right 5 Flenker Thumbs Up. It's a pretty excellent movie.

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Idea #527 said...

Hey, you'll have to email me about Inception.

I actually have an inside track on the ending seeing as my little cousins play his kids. :)