Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I've got 100 resolutions

well, not really. I've got about 0. Not my thing. But I do like reminiscing, and this song brings back some memories of my DJing days at Iowa State.

So, in the next few days, there will probably be more reminiscing, and, since everyone else is doing one, and it makes for an easy post, I'll probably have my top 10 albums of the year. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow or Friday. Yeah. This was a pretty good year as far as albums released goes.

Of course, in the next few weeks, I'll be preparing everyone's favorite, The Flenkys! So if anyone would like to make any nominations, or if you have a good category in mind, send them my way!

This year was a very transitional year for me personally, you know, with moving and getting a real job and my first apartment on my own and a dog and what have you. Things are looking up, though, I've made some great friends, and still have some excellent friends from my past, spread all around the country. (and isn't it funny that my friend that lives the furthest away is making her second trip already, and the rest of you have yet to come. . .) So things are going alright. I'll look back more on the year in the future. A lot happened.

Until next time, enjoy your day, make the most of the leap second (it already passed, but I think you can observe it in any second over the next few hours) and be safe out there. I will try to be safe while spending New Year's in my apartment. Which will be infinitely better than my New Year's Eve last year.

And everyone, cheer on the Hawkeyes tomorrow morning as they take on the South Carolina Gamecocks in the Outback Bowl! It should be a good game, and here's to hoping that Iowa rings in the new year with a WIN!!


Captain Crab said...

A New category:

Best Old Guy that I Drank Heavily with Once but Who Calls and E-mails Me Once in Awhile

Erin said...

Hey Flenker,
Sorry we never got ahold of you when you were home, between the holidays and Travis getting the flu twice this month has flown by! Good news is we're actually coming to KC the weekend of the 17th. My brother is turning 30 and having a party at the OP in Overland Park on that night. We'll give you a call and hopefully we can meet up!