Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Add this to the list of toys I want

And go to this link, watch the video, and feel sorry for the guy.

If anyone out there has XM radio, listen to channel 43, XMU, during the day. Billy Zero will be playing some song selected by your truly. I'm stoked for that. I'll post more about it tomorrow or this weekend.

More actual content stuff coming soon, I hope

Before I go, here's some Maritime with "Tearing up the Oxygen."

If you don't know, that's Davey from The Promise Ring singing. I dig these guys. Here's their myspace page. Check out the songs "For Science Fiction," and "Guns of Navarone." They're good

bye bye bye everyone!


charczuk said...

I want one of these tangible user interfaces so bad. I bet Trent Reznor already has one in his home studio...

Eventually, we could make a whole room's floor like this and you could walk/dance/step out what you want. Be like twister but making music. "I wonder what break dancing really sounds like...?"

Nichole said...

Holy... I want that thing too. That is so fricken cool. Makes me want to play with FL Studio now. :)