Friday, December 07, 2007

Yep, seems about right.

Today started off innocuously enough, I was able to sleep in, then lounge around a little while before I had a job interview. I made it there on time, missed the turn the first time but had enough time to loop around and find the place. I was looking like the money, wearing a decent button-down shirt and tie, some slacks and nice shoes. The interview was fine, just the preliminary stage of their hiring process. I'm not sure it's a job that I want, but it would be a start. And who knows, I may not get hired anyways, so whatever.

Anyways, I turned in a couple applications, changing from the shirt and tie to a sweater over the shirt, sans tie. A little more casual, if you will. This fits in later.

I decided to stop by a bookstore, both to turn in an application (because I think working in a bookstore would be amazing), and to buy a new crossword puzzle book. After the transaction, I headed to my car, making plans to stop and get some sushi, kind of enjoying the dapper look I was sporting. Then, much to my chagrin, I realized that my keys were not in my pocket. They were sitting on the passenger's seat. I called everyone that I knew in Austin, and when she didn't answer (get it? I only have one friend here! Ha!), I started walking. Luckily, this place is only about 2 miles from my apartment, so it wasn't too bad. And also, it was a beautiful day, around 77 degrees. Stupidly, I left my sweater on for most of the walk, not realizing that I could take it off and carry it with me. I guess I was too engrossed with my Jamba Juice that I got to cool myself off (with the energy boost, of course) and the copy of The Onion that I had picked up. When a couple drops of sweat hit the paper, I wiped my brow with the sleeve of my sweater, the one I was still wearing, not connecting the two at all.

I made it back to the apartment, got a spare key from the office and got my spare car keys that I miraculously remembered to bring with me to Austin, and made it to the bus stop with perfect timing to catch a ride to the Arboretum, where my car was parked. Why didn't I take the bus to the apartment in the first place? I'm pretty sure it would've taken about the same amount of time, since the bus would have to make almost an entire loop before getting back to my apartment, it just seemed really inefficient to me. Plus, the exercise was nice.

So, this just adds to the past month I've been having: with my bank screwing up one check deposit - not once, but twice; working at a job that I don't really like, not being able to find a job that I do like, having computer issues, and just being in a generally grumpy mood.

As stupid as it sounds, I think the weather is having an adverse effect on me, it's too nice. I see the weather back home getting snowy, and I miss it. I want big flakes of snow to fall here. I want the ice storms. I miss them. And ever since I've gotten here, Austin has had unseasonably warm temperatures. When I first got here, everyone was saying that it was such a mild summer, it never reached 100 degrees. But then, there have been record highs each month that I've been here. And I can't find it now, but I thought that I heard the average temperature for each of the past 3 months (September, October, and November) have all been record highs. Guess when I moved? Yep, early September. I bring the hotness. On the news, they always say how a "huge cold front" is going to be coming through, then the temperatures drop to the mid-60's. Which is almost perfect for me, but people here freak out. Or it misses us entirely. (we have another "front" coming through this weekend) I know all three of my readers, who all happen to be extremely, extremely far north of me, are cursing my audacity to be pissed about warm weather. H has many times, each time that I bitch to her about it being too warm here, when she's wearing gloves while she's inside her office, working.

Wow. Sorry, I didn't mean to make this a diatribe on the weather. But be sure to tune in next week when I bitch about how the Dr Pepper here tastes too good.

Quick edit/addition:

I almost forgot the best part to the whole story!! While I was walking home to get the spare set of keys, I got a call from a place to which I had applied earlier in the week! I explained that she had caught me "out on a walk," but talked with her a little while. It was for an elementary music "permanent sub" position (I think covering maternity leave), which would've been fun. By the time I had gotten home, I had already received an email from her, saying that she had found someone else with more experience. I thought I should throw this in, just to add to the mood.


christina said...

funny stuff, flenker.

a) one of my favorite jobs was a bookstore. it. is. excellent. and you feel really smart. my knowledge of new literature from 1998-2002 is unmatched. tuesdays with morrie? memoirs of a geisha? i can always find it in any store.

b) have you tried chocolate cherry dr. pepper? it is best served at room temperature.

Flenker said...

christina - that's what I'm hoping a job in the bookstore would be like. Just hanging around books, showing people books, making suggestions to people. I can dig it. And I have not tried the chocolate cherry Dr Pepper. I think I need to. I have had the Dublin Dr Pepper, which will probably get its own post in the near future.

Captain Crab said...

As I recall (hazily) we discussed, over martinis or sake, Austin's wonderful weather. You were SO looking forward to not having to deal with ice, snow and frigid temperatures!

You're a grownup now, so learn how to deal with Decembers that are warm and wonderful!

As for employment you can always move to Corpus Christi and become a shrimper or an oyster shucker!

Hannita said...

=( That sounds like an unhappy day for sure. I hate that feeling when you realize your car keys are inside the car. Ugh. I hope you find a job that you'll enjoy soon.

charczuk said...

I'm in cold weather and I'm with you. I love it. We have a winter advisory ice should come visit! Oh yeah, the job and money...SOOOO...

As far as life crapping on you...I know what you feel like. After a slumlord, $300 electric bills, being hit by a semi, an uninformed graduation, bed bugs, and countless resumes/interviews for a year, something good can happen. Since seeing silverchair w/Jim and Dave at First Ave, things have whipped around. My first contact from my current boss was that weekend in Minneapolis, I'm working for assorted music industry magazines, playing in a company band, and been told by the same previously mentioned boss that I'm next in line for a promotion early next year (after only three months on the job). I know you've heard all of this before, but I feel it's important to reiterate. It'll happen when you aren't looking for it (like around Christmas maybe??).

I know you don't need to hear it, but it's there. For you. Buddy. Besides, who wouldn't want the Red Scare workin' for them? Best backup goaltender in intramural ice hockey I've ever seen...

I'm totally going to beat Curt with Rosenfels this wekend...

Minty said...


It's so cold here. This morning, as I walked to an appointment, I thought about how wonderful cold is. I love this time of year.

My best friend is flying up from Texas this week... I'll be surprising her with warm mittens as I'm sure she's not yet needed them down there!

Think cold thoughts, you...


Whiskeymarie said...

Sorry for the sucktacular day, F.

Maybe this is just the universe's way of preparing you for something great.
Or not, who can say?