Monday, November 12, 2007

To the Beat of Rock and Roll (Alright!)

The second Great Blogger Mix CD Exchange is underway, emails have been sent and people are sitting by their mailboxes, waiting for it to fill with wondrous tunes from faraway lands, like Canada. So, like my Canadian brethren Jad has done (ok, exactly as he did it, so sue me!), I figured now is a good time to reflect on the last time around, starting with my own mix: To The Beat of Rock and Roll.

Unfortunately, I don't have a copy of my sweet-ass cover art to show everyone, but just know that it was indeed sweet-ass. And, I'm not sure how many of the participants realized or found this, but each one had a different interior to the "booklet." Will I do something similar this time around? Who knows?! Here's a tracklist, along with links you can click on and listen (courtesy of some space provided by the good people at Three Pints).

1. Panda Bear - Comfy in Nautica
2. Figurines - Race You
3. Of Montreal - Lysergic Bliss (Daytrotter Sessions)
4. Apples in Stereo - Sunndal Song
5. Matthew Sweet - Girlfriend
6. Mono Puff - Devil Went Down to Newport
7. WHY? - Gemini (Birthday Song)
8. Blackstar - Definition
9. Menomena - Muscle n' Flo
10. Rock Plaza Central - Our Past like Lighthouses
11. The Eels - Fresh Feeling
12. Built to Spill - Car
13. Now It's Overhead - Turn and Go
14. The Mountain Goats - Somebody Else's Parking Lot in Santa Fe
15. M Doughty - Train to Chicago
16. Love - Alone Again Or
17. Uncle Tupelo - Acuff Rose
18. Cub Country - O Great Telephone
19. Belle & Sebastian - If She Loves me (live from KEXP)
20. Iron & Wine - The Trapeze Swinger
21. The Weakerthans - My Favourite Chords

So there you have it! You say you want the whole thing in a .zip file? Alright! Here you go!

I felt like it was a pretty good selections of some of my favorite songs, some tracks from the lighter side of Flenker. Some of the tunes, like Alone Again Or and My Favourite Chords, have special meaning to me, so I included them. (Part of understanding the Flenker and the Flenker's past is all tied up in these songs, yes, it involves a girl, but that's not a topic I'll get into right now. Right now it's about the music!)

I'm going to try to go through everyone's mixes from last time around, but not put up links to the songs, because it's kind of a pain in the ass to do. I may do a few mixes in each post. We'll see how ambitious I'm feeling. Lately, ambition has been near all-time lows. Hence the lack in posts. But I've got a feeling that may soon change. So for now, enjoy some tunes!


lucy said...

aw, i wanna know about the girl

but hey, good music :)

Flenker said...

lucy - we'll see. . . In my mind, it's a long, convoluted story that people would probably lose interest in, unless they're after the whole schadenfreude angle.

I'm glad you like the music, though! :)

Krazee Eyez Killa said...

I think I forgots what I sent you as a mix last time, G. You'll have to refresh my memory. Regardless, you'll get a bomb mix this go around.



Jack said...

I so want to be in the The Second Great Blogger Mix CD Exchange!!

christina said...

we are listening to your mix right now! we are on the song that sounds like it would be the theme for a tv show about female super heroes.

Jad said...

Definitely a good mix. :)

Flenker said...

KEK - I liked your mix, I'll include it in my next post!

jack - I've already sent out the info, but I'll see what I can do for you. . . :)

christina - I know exactly which song you're talking about, it's a good one!

jad - thank you very much!