Monday, April 18, 2011

Listen to the sound of my voice

Recently, I appeared as a "special guest" on a podcast over at OnTapKC, with my friends Corey and Beau. This is sort of ties in with Stone Week, as new beers coming to the KCMO area are discussed (albeit somewhat obliquely at times, we hit nearly ever tangent we can, including a brief time talking about the beer Lent guy). Below is a link to part 1, cleverly titled Abbey Road - Side A (it'll make sense if you read the description, I swear). Give it a listen (fair warning: bad words are said, many times, and there are adult situations), as I prepare myself mentally and physically for the marathon that will be the next few days as Stone takes over the city.

OnTapCast Episode 6: Abbey Road - Side A

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