Sunday, February 22, 2009

Stepping up for H

Ok, since I haven't written anything for a long time, and H is out tonight sitting in ridiculous seats at a basketball game, I figured I'd give her and hand and live blog the Oscars, since she won't be able to do it herself.

Let's see, 7:27 - Some people were wearing stuff. Mickey Rourke is awesome. I hope he wins just to hear his speech.

7:30 - Wait, Hugh Jackman is hosting? I'm done.


Marin said...

Not taking my advice, I see. Boo. And you're funny, but you definitely had way more to say about the Oscars and you know it!

Al said...

Happened upon your blog accidently. The politics of lonely... Fan of The Weakerthans by chance?

Flenker said...

Marin - I will take your advice, once I sit down and actually write a post

Al - Welcome! Yes, I most definitely am a Weakerthans fan. Such a great band! Hope you come back

Idea #527 said...


lucy said...

oh shush
Hugh is a stud and I'll bet you know it