Tuesday, October 07, 2008

what will the future hold???

I think I'll be embarking on a new adventure in the blog world soon, as well as reacquainting myself with an old one. Probably something I should have done this past weekend like I had said I would (sorry H), but I'll try to get something done tomorrow.

I'm excited about this new project, something that started out as a joke, but it inspired me so much that my co-conspirator and I think that we should probably do something about it. More details to come.

Until then, watch this most excellent clip from La Blogotheque (my current favorite time-waster at work) of the Shins, including a little noodling around with quite possibly one of the best songs ever at the beginning. And a couple of excellent songs of their own.

And, for good measure, one of my favorite videos up there right now, from Efterklang.

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Jad said...

You're dead on with the "time waster" comment. I've spent hours on that site when I should have been writing papers.

The Vampire Weekend and the Throw Me The Statue video sets are quite good as well.