Monday, September 08, 2008

Introducing Chris Brooks and a rebellion of the French horn nature

The last line is "With buckets of popcorn." I made it up on the spot.

And yes, I realize this is probably the best possible choice to have for the first video of myself on the internet. At least the first video of which I am aware.

This was at our company outing to the Royals game, so I am surrounded by coworkers, including my manager, and my boss (both sitting to my immediate right). I am a hit, and probably the most popular guy around. That American Idol guy David (can't remember his last name) isn't the only one from KC with talent.

At the risk of making this post too awesome, I couldn't help but post this other video, too. The song is just too damn good, and the video is too damn amazing. So enjoy a little bit of Milwaukee's own French Horn Rebellion

I dig these guys. It's like Ben Bridwell of Band of Horses went electro, joined Minus the Bear, brought some 80's pop synth sounds, and damn catchy lyrical lines. Damn. I can't stop watching the video. This song is just too good.


Erin said...

Your video just literally saved me from having an absolute horrible day!
When are you coming back..anytime soon? Old Chicago is opening soon!

Hannita said...

The video of you is ... charming. And the other video I'm having trouble wrapping my mind around but the music is great. Might have to investigate.

The Crab's First Mate said...

The Crab would like to post the "baseball" video if that would be possible.

feistyMNgirl said...

cool vid.

(i am with your boss, hatin' on the garth)

Whiskeymarie said...

Great video- you internet
I want to work somewhere that has "outings", but then again I really only like two of my coworkers, so maybe not.

Jad said...

lovin' it, dude.

standoutinacrowd said...

i didn;t know you were a part of the good ole boys