Saturday, May 31, 2008

Who you callin' a Dodo?

I've been getting way into these guys, started listening to them at work, and bought their album Visiter yesterday. It's amazing. So check out the Dodos

Here's their myspace.

To me, they sound like a more easily accessible version of Animal Collective. A little more straight-forward and simpler melodic lines. And I'm not trying to make it sound like a bad thing, I mean that in an awesome way. They have some great lyrics, inventive lines, and just a fun overall sound. I dig them, a lot. Of course, they're not playing anywhere near me, or on any dates I can make in a city where any of my friends live. I guess I'll just have to wait, and listen to their album over and over again, until they come to the greater Kansas City area.


lucy said...

HEY The Dodos!
you found em too!

my favorite is "Beards"

lucy said...

(that's off Beware of the Maniacs, by the way)